Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 - Week 13 Fleas Help


Sorry for the pathetic subject line but that is honestly the worst part of every email...haha

This week was great as usual! Hermana Clawson left on Monday and we waited in the bus terminal for 4 hours Monday for Hna. Roldans new companion to arrive. Chileans have no understanding of the word schedule...and then when they are Mormon its even worse. Haha. So we waited in the bus terminal all day Monday for Hna Hokanson to get her. She is super cute. From West Jordan and she has 5 months in the mission. Almost 6. Haha we call her Hna Cookie because Hna Roldan can't pronounce her name and it sounds like cookie when she says it. So the whole ward calls her Hna. Cookie. 

We saw a lot of miracles this week!!!!

We have a few new investigators. Melanie is 17 and she is super awesome. She has such great desires to learn and her beliefs are super similar to ours but she has no religion. We can't meet with her till later in the week but I'm sure the 2nd visit will be just as good as the first. Also we have a new investigator Patricia. Hna Espinoza found her when we were in intercambios but we have had lessons with her everyday. She has a lot of problems...a lot...and will need a lot of time before she could be baptized but she has a huge desire to change her life around. Haha but...she is a cat lady. She lives with her 17 year old sons and tons of cats. They are all over us during the lessons I want to die everytime. Haha I will be sitting on the couch and there will be a cat behind my head that just starts chewing on my hair, stuff like that. And Hna. Espinoza is convinced she has fleas. Her legs are COVERED in all these tiny bites. Hahahaha. But Patricia really is amazing. Satan is working so hard with her though. She was going to come to an activity with us this Saturday but she started having really bad back pain and she has been talking about church all week but when she found out where the chapel is she started having a panic attack because there are certain places in the city she can't go because she is scared. Its complicated. But hopefully we can help her overcome some of her problems and get her to church!

We had a lesson with Gustavo this week and it was kinda our make it or break it lesson. We haven't been able to teach him for almost a month now and he hasn't been keeping his commitments but when we went he had read! And the spirit was so strong! We are kinda starting from ground 0 again and are going to keep meeting with him, so that was really great. 

Jose came to church! I don't know if I've really written about Jose but he is a inactive who has no belief in God. His uncle was a member of the ward who passed away a week ago. We have been trying to meet with Jose since I got here and have had 2 lessons but with the passing of his uncle he came to church! haha that is huge. Honestly a miracle!!!

We had a stake activity this Saturday which was really fun. All the wards got assigned a different country in Latin America (plus the US) and the relief society had to prepare a dance and food from their country. Our ward had Venezuela and it was really fun to see the ward come together and prepare their stuff. Also we got an investigator to dance which was awesome! 

And the big news for the week.....we have a baptism!!!! The same investigator, Agostina, who danced is going to be baptized!!!! Her brother is 8 and getting baptized on Sunday and the bishop called us the other day and told us that Ago wanted to be baptized too!!!! Hna E. is shocked because before this she has had no interest and when the missionaries started teaching her initially she rebelled and got a bunch of tattoos, stuff like that. But she just had a baby, and with the death of the ward member and her brothers baptism it was a perfect storm. The Lord has a specific time for everyone. The problem was that her plan was to get baptized before the 15th and then move out to live with her we taught her the law of chastity and did a lot of praying and she has decided that she still wants to be baptized. We are going to pick a date with her tonight. I am so excited! Her mom and sisters are recent converts and I love their family!!!!

It was a great week filled with lots of miracles! Also the weather is changing and its getting really warm here! Everyone have the greatest week! Find someway to share the gospel!!!


Hermana Freedman

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