Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7, 2015 - Week 14 Jack Sparrow

¡Alo familia!

Another great week in the field! This week there were SO MANY temblores. During district meeting on Tuesday we were saying the closing prayer and everything just started shaking. It was pretty big. Like a 5.6, but still not an earthquake. For the rest of the day there were little temblors sporadically. 

Ive had some sinus problem this week I dont know if its that the climate is changing or if Im just sick but my balance has been a little off. Walking around I proabably looked drunk because I kept loosing my balance. Hermana Espinoza kept calling me Jack Sparrow. But really...hopefully I will feel a little more stable this week. 

Its finally September here! Chileans arent very patriotic but during september they show enough patriotism to last the year. Everyone is staring to decorate their houses and cars for the 18th and 19th of September. Hna. E wont stop talking about it, but I like that because it just makes me more excited. 

We didnt teach very many lessons this week but the ones we had were pretty great! We met with Ada and Hugo again and I went in a little nervous just because Hugo just likes to bash. But we shared the Restortion with minimal questions from them and when I shared the first vision the spirit was so strong. They went silent and just starred at the picture I was showing. It was really spiritual and really cool. And then we finished the lesson without one word from them! #miracle In the end Hugo asked a few annoying questions but then he ended up mostly agreeing with us so that was nice. 

I know I promised a baptism date for Agostina but the situation has ended up being really complicated. We chose the 12th but then realized that stake conference is the 12th. Also she wants to go live with the mom of her boyfriend in his city but that isnt allowed and we arent allowed to baptize her if she chooses to do that. She needs to get married or stay in Arica and live with her family. But all the other lessons we had planned with her this week fell through. We have an appointement with her tonight and hopefully can get the situation figured out. 

I had an intercambio with Hermana Randall the other day which was fun. We were in the same group in the CCM but different districts. She is super great and it is always an experience working without a native. 

This week we worked a lot with Hermana Mária. She is my favorite! She turned 69 this week and we found her in the street and sang to her. We also went and visitied her in her house a few times. I always laugh so much. She has such great desires for her family to join the church and this week we really have watched her daughters heart change! She wants to have us for lunch, she has started talking to us, will come in and out of lessons. Big progress. We also brought Mária to church this sunday. Holy cow. It was so much work because she constantly needs someone to help her around. But she bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting and told he whole life story and kept talking about us and how we are her best friends. She is literally the cutest. Dont be suprised if I bring her home with me. 

i also forgot my tag on sunday.....I didnt realize till after all 3 hours of church that I didnt have it! And right after church Agostina´s brother Marquito was baptized and we sang and I didnt have my tag! Rookie mistake. I make a lot of those. The baptism was really beautiful and a youth in the ward Gabriel Barraza baptized him. Now I just want to find someone to baptize!!!!

Have the greatest week!

Hermana Freedman

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