Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 29th - Week 43 "The Best Goodbye Ever"

Hello Family and Friends!
I know I'm a few days late but hope you all had a happy Easter!!! This week was crazy but definitely one of the best weeks yet!
On Tuesday we went to Calama for zone conference. It was really great and President talked a lot about humility and faith. He definitely got me thinking and there is so much more I can be doing to grow in that aspect of my life!
This week on Friday we were able to travel to Antofagasta with Cata, Katy, and Mariana (Cata's mom) for their baptismal interviews! We had so much fun and the best part was that they passed!!!!
Saturday was awesome! We had 3 baptisms!!!! Armenia, Cata, and Katy. It was such a special day and the spirit was so strong. I was able to speak to them about the importance of baptism and it was even cooler that they were baptized and confirmed during Easter week. Even more symbolic of the death and resurrection and their new lives that they have started. It was priceless seeing their faces as they came up out of the water. And I'm happy to say that the water was perfect, as opposed to last time. 

We found a new investigator this week who is golden. She has already come to church twice just because she wants to so we finally were able to have an appointment with her and we taught the restoration. She cried the whole time as we testified that she could have a new life and she accepted a baptismal date for the 16th! I am happy that Hna. Challco has a few progressing investigators to work with in Tocopilla.
Also....I have been transferred to Copiapo. My ward is los pimientos and my companion is Hermana Caballero from Paraguay. She is super great and this is her last transfer in the mission. We will be Sister Training Leaders together! Copiapo is nice and surprisingly really green. I know I will love it here.
It was definitely hard saying bye to Tocopilla. I love Tocopilla and even more the people there. It was hard saying bye to Armenia, Cata, Katy, and Mariana....and all the branch members. But this is how the mission goes.
Sorry I don't have tons of time to write today. but I hope everyone is doing well and enjoy conference weekend!
This past week I loved watching Aleluya with so many people. I love the part that says "todos seran vivificados" or all shall be made alive. Vivificados is maybe my favorite word in Spanish. I love the idea that we can always find new life. Literally through the resurrection but in any moment that we feel a need to repent we can repent and find new life. If we feel sad. Thanks to Christ we can feel peace. I know Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. I know we will all be resurrected and that really families can be forever! I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and the opportunity I have to share it with the people here in Copiapo!!!

Hermana Freedman

March 21, 2016 - Week 42 "Tocopilla Love"

Great week here in Tocopilla! Hermana C and I had tons of lessons which was awesome.       

We finished teacing Armenia, Catalaina, and Katy all the lessons this week. Armenia is so excited for her baptism this Saturday.  It has been so great to be a part of her whole conversion process. She was able to come to the Relief society activity this saturday with us and is becoming more and more integrated in the branch. 

Catalina and Katy are also doing well. We have also been sharing with Catalina's mom. 

This sunday a woman showed up at church all by herself! Her name is Norma and she is from Bolivia. Her parents are members and she lives 2 houses down from the chapel. She is really excited to have her daughter in primary and is excited to receive the lessons. Not everyday that that happens. 

This is the last week before transfers. It has been so great training Hermana C. (We finished yesterday) and I think I learned more than she did!!!! Who knows maybe next week I will be writing from somewhere different. 

Sorry for such a short letter. This next week is going to be busy! We are going to Calama again. Hope everyone is doing well!

Hermana Freedman

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 14th - Week 41 "Obey the Commandments"

Another fantastic week flew by here in Tocopilla. Last P-Day Hna. Challco and I went to the muelle (pier). It was fun and we had a good time looking at all the sea lions and boats and stuff. Today we hiked to the cross that overlooks Tocopilla. It was good to do something different, especially since Pday is always the same here in such a small city. 

As far as investigators go, Alex and Leslie got back from their vacation. Before Leslie was always more excited to meet with us but Alex definitely changed, and has real intent to listen to our message. They told us they talked a lot about the gospel while they were gone and their families all were very supportive of their decision to meet with us. That was exciting news. We also started meeting with Camila again. She is the girl that had a baptismal date in January, that hna. san martin and I found. She is really receptive and so is her boyfriend. 

Armenia is doing well and is starting to do things on her own now which is good. She is really progressing towards her baptism on the 26thª

Catalina and Katy are also really progressing. We were hoping they would be baptized this transfer, but I think they could use a little more time, and really its more important that they are baptized when they are ready. I am excited for the both of them, and they have also started to make lots of changes in their life. This week we had a few lessons with members and also were able to go to mutual with them. It was fun and Marcelo taught a good lesson and we all ate salchipapas ×french fries and hot dogs× 

This week we went to Calama for zone training, Hna. C and I almost missed the bus Tuesday morning which was a little stressful. The office also bought the wrong tickets so we ended up staying the night in Calama and working with the Hermana Liders. We are definitely starting to change season again, because it was freezing in the morning. 

Yesterday, we didn't have normal church meetings because there was a special broadcast to all of Chile from salt lake. It was really special, and really cool to know that what was shared was meant specifically for Chile. Mary Durham from the general primary presidency spoke about being of good cheer. Bishop Davies challenged everyone to read the BOM before the end of the year, President Soares talked about the importance of the sacrament, and President Nelson finished it off. I was really touched by President Nelsons talk and it may have been one of the most spiritually uplifting meetings in my life. President nelson started talking and told us his message was simple. he said, Keep the Commandments. The spirit filled the room and it was so powerful. He also told a story about a near death experience he had and how he wasn't scared to die because of the temple covenants he had made. That really got me thinking about the importance of my covenants and how important they are to me. I am so grateful for the commandments and know that they keep us on the path to return to live with our Heavenly Father. I am also so grateful for the temple. I know that families can be together forever. 

Charlie I am so excited for you to go to the temple for the first time this weekª It will be an amazing experience I'm sure.

love you all and i hope you have a great weekª

hermana freedman

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 7th - Week 40 "Feliz Cumpleanos"

Hey everyone!!! 
What a week! After last week I was just hoping this week would be better, and it sure was! Hermana Challco and I really focused on reaching our goals and we found 14 new investigators this week! We also passed our goal for lessons with members. We were super excited about that. My testimony of the power of prayers of faith was strengthen once again. 

Armenia is still happy as ever. At church yesterday she asked for a blessing of health for her Parkinsons and the spirit was so strong. After Marcelo finished she had the biggest smile and said "yeah, he's the one I want to baptize me." We also were able to talk to her family this week and they are all supporting her in her decision. We have moved her baptismal date back so that they can all attend. 

Carlos moved to Iquique this week but Catalina is still progressing. Her friend Katy is also progressing lots too and they both have baptismal dates! Hermana Challco and I are so excited. We were able to teach the plan of salvation yesterday and Catalina was explaining everything to Katy. They both had really great questions about the ressurection. 

We had intercambios this week and I was able to work with Hermana Crum. She is such a good missionary and I learned a lot, especially about focusing on repentance and Jesus Christs atonement in our teaching. 

My birthday was great and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. And shoutout to Dad (and mom I'm sure you helped too) for the surprise party! Holy cow! On Wednesday during companionship study a woman called and told us she had found a card on the ground with our number and that she needed to talk to us. Hermana Challco and I were so excited thinking we had found a golden investigator. We went for our appointment with her and when we walked into her cafe she started talking about my birthday and brought out a huge cake. I must admit dad, I was a little upset that I didn't get my golden birthday investigator but oh well... We sat down and started talking to her and her husband over cake. I was able to place a Book of Mormon which made me feel a little better. Then other people from the branch started showing up. We all had lots of fun together and the woman and her husband invited Hna. C and I back to teach them sometime. Marcelo and Romina also had us over in the night and we had pizza and it was really fun. Definitely a birthday to remember. 

Ah....and I did end up getting my golden birthday investigator, Luis. He was a contact we made a few weeks ago and while we were eating cake he called and asked us to pass by his house right after. He is so prepared and accepted baptism and has been keeping all his committments and everything. But he is moving to Iquique next week so the missionaries there will have to finish teaching him. 

I am so grateful to be here in Tocopilla. There isn't a better branch in the world and really if president kept me here forever I would be perfectly content! 

I love you all and thanks for the prayers!

Hermana Freedman