Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015 - Week 15 Manos Mormonas

Hey Everyone!

This week was good! But every week in the mission is good! 

Some highlights from the week:
- Agostina is really progressing but we haven;t set a date. She needs to have a testimony first but she is keeping her committments and we are watching her continue to change which is incredible. 

-We also are teaching 17 year old Melanie who is incredible. She lives with her boyfriend so if she chooses to be baptized she will actually be in the neighbor ward, where her grandma lives but we are taking advantage of the teaching opportunity for now. She always has the greatest questions and we shared the Plan of Salvation with her this week and after she started asking if she could serve a mission. SHE WANTS TO SERVE A MISSION! But it's really hard to find time to meet with her so that is our biggest struggle right now. She lives inbetween her boyfriend and grandmas house. Hopefully we can meet with her this week. 

-This week was the world wide service day so we had a multistake project and we picked up trash on the morro of Arica. But....it was really just all the missionaries and then one ward, Zapáhuira, from our stake but it was still fun. 

-We also have a new investigator who lives in the old folks home here in Arica. It is so fun to go in and talk to all the elderly people and I feel like I'm working back at Aspen!

-We also had stake conference this week which was great. But highlight was Hna. María. She was sitting with ward members but her phone rang twice during the conference and she answered and had both conversations! She just has no clue what is going on around her and lives in her own world. It is so funny when she talks on the phone because she listens and then when its her turn to talk she puts her mouth to the screen and talks. I always get a good laugh. President Dalton was on the stand and I could tell he was looking at her like "what is she doing!!!!" so its probably a good thing she wasn't sitting with us. 

-We also had zone conference yesterday and it was super great. The spirit is always so strong in meetings like that and I always want to be better afterward. It was kinda weird being that it was my first zone conference and Hna. Es last. 

I am so excited for this upcoming week! Fiestas patrias!!!! Being that I'm in the north it's kinda like a mix between a celebration for Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. so that will be interesting. 

Spiritual thought for the week:
I have really been studying a lot about faith. But more than that. Faith in Jesus Christ. There is a difference and we always need to make sure that our faith is in Christ. We can have faith in anything, including ourselves but faith in Christ is the faith necessary to witness miracles! 
Mormon 7:33 says, "If ye have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."

I love that! And we can develop our faith in Christ by coming to know Him! We can know Him through reading the scriptures, praying, and listening to the prophets! (So excited for general conference!!!) 

I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and I'm so grateful to be a missionary!

Hermana Freedman

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