Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3 - Two Months and Two Rookies Alone in Chile


Can you believe it's been 2 months, because I can't! This week was good. I learned a lot as usual. Tuesday Hermana E was sick all day so we had to saying in the pension. We had an appointement and 7:30 so we left and started working but that appt. fell through. So we went and visited Maria Jesus who I think I told you about. She literally was golden but she told us that she can't meet with us anymore because her boyfriend doesn't like religion and it was causing problems in their relationship. they have 2 cute little kids. She said she really feels like she needs to keep learning but that she needs to protect her family first so good for her. I know the time will come when she will be in the right circumstances to receive the gospel. Shes ready!!!

Wednesday my intercambio with Hermana Carabine started. I was really excited going into it. We went and worked in her sector, Pukarahni. It was an incredible experience because we both are in training, and neither of us speak great spanish but I know my Heavenly Father is watching out for me because the second our intercambio started I understood 95% of everything people said. I think usually I would say Im at 50%...I was absolutely shocked. And for all of that day and a half I understood everything! Im back to understanding almost nothing haha but it was definitely a miracle this week! Huge testimony builder and we taught some super great lessons. 

There was one lessons in particular on Thursday that really stood out to me. We went and visited a woman Maria Nadia who is less active. We started talking and after a few minutes Hermana Carabine started inviting her to start reading again and going to church. She got a little upset and said that other people need to do that but not her. I thought I was being smart and just told her that we didn't want her to do those things just because we tell her to but that keeping the commandments is a way to show our love for God. She really didn't like that and for about 5 minutes yelled at us. I felt awful because she isn't even in my sector and I made her really mad. We asked to sing a song and pray and she finally agreed. We started singing and the spirit entered the room. I felt impressed to compliment her on her voice and after I did she told us how as a young woman she was in choirs and loved to sing but she ended up losing her voice and can't sing high like she used to and this a challenge for her. We shared a short lessons and invited her to attend ward choir and she was so excited!!! And she wants to go to church now!!! Miracles every day here in the mission!

There was also one house we went to and we started singing but I didn't know the song and neither did Hna C and one thing about Latinos is they don't really know how to follow music or hold a pitch...it's really bad...so we sounded absolutely terrible and I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing. I was just trying to hide behind my hymn book. Oh man. I really gotta get that under control. 

It was good to be back with Hermana E on Friday. I missed her and my sector. Nothing really happened Friday or Saturday and we taught 0 lessons which was discouraging but you just gotta keep working when it gets tough! Friday night there was a baby shower hosted by the relief society and that was fun. There is a recent convert in our sector that we have been trying to meet with and she came so that was good! 

I still love Sundays. Always the greatest day. And I really appreciate the 3 hours of church I have to somewhat relax...haha. Sunday night we had an experience that was really great. So like I said we taught I think 2 lessons this week prior to Sunday which is nothing. None of our investigators were able to meet this week and it was a little discouraging. Sunday we set a goal to get 2 new investigators which at the rate things had been going was probably not likely but we decided we really wanted to work for 2. At 7:30 we had visited every single house, in our sector that we have and nobody had let us in all day. We were walking around our condominium and there was an apartment with lights on that Hna E recognized as a old investigators so we decided to knock the door. A woman Carolina answered the door and let us in. She is SO ready for the gospel!!! So we taught her and her daughter!!!! I felt the spirit so strong and am excited to keep working with her! She lived in Park City for 6 months which was cool and we were able to talk about Temple Square and stuff. she kept bringing the temple up so we have a goal to work towards!! Sometimes you gotta work the whole day or week and have every door shut in your face but when you keep working The Lord always leads you to someone! I love that about the mission. Sometimes its good to have our faith stretched and its ok to feel feelings of discouragement but we just gotta keep going!

Last thing. I read a talk this week called The 4th missionary by Elder Corbridge. If you can find it I want you to read it because I think it applies to just life in general. It really made me want to be a better missionary and change my life to be more like my Savior! A thought from his message...

"You have a choice. You can choose what kind of person you will become...Ëverything is stacked in your favor to become like him." We choose everyday who we are going to follow but we ought to become like christ because,  I loved that. We always need to strive to become more like our Savior. 

SO homework for all of you. find that talk and read it!

Love you all so much and hope you have the greatest week. 

Hermana Freedman

Also Ed Sheeran just came on on the radio and im not gonna lie im pretty excited....everyone go enjoy some good (not efy) music for me.

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