Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24th - Week 12 Dumb Blonde...

Hey Everyone!

Another great week in the mission and I can´t believe it but I have one transfer in the field under my belt! Also I never thought I would be able to call myself a dumb blonde but...crazy things happen in the mission. Everyone here refers to me as the blonde. The Hermana´s in our pension refer to me as ¨their blondie¨ and when anyone in the ward is trying to differentiate between my companionship and the other companionship its always, ¨the Peruvian and the Hawaiian or the Chilean and the blonde¨. And all the time in people's doorways too they will comment on my blonde hair. I think I'm color blind or something because I don't see it. 

And I had so many mistakes with the language this week...I can't count the number of times that I confidently answered someone's question later to find out that they had asked something totally different. Haha we were in a taxi back to the pension last pday and the driver asked ¨por donde van¨ I thought he had asked me where I was from so I said Ëstados Unidos¨ he looked so confused and just started laughing. I also always have trouble with the words mayor (older) and mejor (best). When I'm speaking in sentences I always get stuck when I use one of those words. I start second guessing myself, but anyway people will often ask if any of my siblings have served missions and I always tell them that I'm the oldest but usually what ends up coming out of my mouth is, ¨soy la mejor¨....haha I'm the best rather than oldest...but Thomas, Andrew, Char, and Jilly I think we all know that's true too. Isn't the oldest always the best too??? Just kidding.

Oh man this week I was in the shower and the power went out. Hahaha the bathroom was pitch dark and the water went from super hot to freezing. I just started laughing because I had shampoo in my hair and I was just feeling around the shower trying to find my conditioner and stuff. Oh man...

Also there were a bunch of temblores this week and I always think they are kinda fun but Hermana Espinoza hates them...she has reason too but this morning my bed started shaking, we have a bunk, and I thought it was Hna E just turning but it woke me up which I wasn't very happy about because I had 30 minutes left to sleep. But all of a sudden Hna E started yelling, ahhhhh temblor. Once again I just started laughing so hard. 

I had intercambios with Hna Scalise this week. She is super great and from Argentina. We had a good time and thats always a good opportunity. 

Yesterday was Hna. Roldans birthday so I cut out feliz cumpleaños and put that up on the wall and then we sang in the morning. That was really fun. 

We taught a good lesson on the Plan of Salation with Alejandra this week. She is probably our investigator that is progressing the most so I always look forward to lessons with her. She is the cutest young mom, but she needs to get married so thats always a challenge. 

We also got two new investigators Hugo and Ada. They are both super Christian but have very different beliefs. Haha we couldn't teach the lesson because everything we said was followed by question or a story. I am scared to go back....I need a professor of religion with me. I have no clue the answers to half their questions. Really gotta prepare before we teach them, but I'll just use the BOM to knock'em down. 

Other than that we didn't really have any other teaching opportunities this week. A member of the ward passed away so we worked a lot to support the ward this week. We were able to attend the funeral yesterday and that was really nice. It was pretty interesting to see a funeral of a different culture. 

Oh and cambios. I am staying here in Costanera with Hna Espinoza. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! Have the greatest day! 

Spiritual thought from a talk I studied this week from Elder Nash. ¨Faith in times of trial creates steadfast men and women, and gives sure and steady direction when potentially disorienting storms rage.¨ I loved that! All of our experiences in life are to help us learn and grow and in the future we will be better prepared to face other trials that come our way. We can handle anything when we have faith. 

Have the greatest week!!!!!

Hermana Freedman

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  1. Wow, what a great letter and missionary! Great job, Blondie. It's wonderful to read about your missionary adventures. signed, stalker in Redwood City