Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10th - Week 10, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?


This week was great!!! I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left in this cambio! Some highlights of the week!

-I taught Hna. E how to make french toast on Friday night. Mmmmm so yummy and I felt like I was at home! We even used that cheap great value syrup that I love. Only thing we were missing was the Great Harvest bread. 

-The weather this week has been wacky. I'm sure you have probably heard but the waves in ViƱa have been crazy and there is tons of flooding. Also basically every city in the mission except Arica has gotten rain this week. So unusual and it's so bad when it rains here. The ground doesn't soak up the water and there are mudslides. It was hailing in Antofagasta too. So we are praying for the mission! It was forecasted to rain here yesterday but of course there wasn't one cloud in the sky. But the weather here has been super irregular. It will be super hot and then freezing cold but I guess thats normal in the desert. Some nights it feels like its raining just from the condensation in the air from the beach but thats about all the water we got here. 

-We had intercambios this week and for the next 2 as well since Hna E is an STL. I went with Hna Clawson this week. It was so much fun! She is the greatest, but we spoke so much english which is bad. But we had some really great lessons in her sector so that was cool.'s a story. This week we went and visited Maria. I dont know if you remember but Maria is the recent convert from the south and she is blind and moved up here to live with her daughter. So Maria had surgery about a month ago on her stomach and just this past week had to go in again because her stomach was infected. So on Friday we went and visited her in her house. She was in bed and we were just sitting and talking. She is so fun to talk to and her facial expressions are the best. We talked for a while and then finally got her to calm down so we could share a lesson. She asked me to pray and as I was folding my arms she got all excited and ripped her sheets off to show us her stitches but oh man we saw a little more than her stitches.....I lost it and Hna E helped her put her blankets back's a good thing she is blind because I was dying...and then I had to pray and oh man it was rough. Hopefully she thought I was taking long pauses just because I don't know Spanish. Hna E and I have been laughing about it all weekend. 

-We had a lesson with Familia Pinto this week and Hermano Cido from our ward. They are neighbors and Hno. Pinto is a new investigator. His wife is too but really she is super catholic and wants nothing...she doesn't even listen. Hopefully if we can get him to accept the gospel she will follow. But anyways, Hno. Pinto is older like 65-70 and he has never had a religion. He has read like every religious text out there, except the Book of Mormon, and has been looking his whole life for the church he feels is true. Little does he know, the font is waiting for him. The lesson was super awesome and thank goodness Hno. Cido was there because the whole time they were just talking about the bible and BOM and how the bom answers all the questions he has ever had about the bible. Hno Cido knows the bible super well so it was perfect. We are going to try to teach another lesson this week with a different member. 

-We got a new investigator Norma. She is an older woman and is so sweet. She invited us in and told us that for weeks she has been watching us from the micro or out her window and everytime she sees us she says her heart feels different. We shared a scripture and hopefully we can start teaching her!

-We also got to teach Marcela and Rodrigo this week who are progressing! Rodrigo works 7x7 so one week here one week in the mines. But we taught them about baptism but the lesson fell because their daughter has been really sick and right as we were going to commit them to a date something went wrong. Rodrigo really loves the idea of the priesthood which is awesome. We committed them to church on sunday so that sofia could get a blessing but they didnt show....we were really hopeful so that was a bummer. But I love them. They are the greatest. They both speak English and its fun because I speak Spanish to them and they speak English back. In time. 

-We also found a new investigator Rodrigo who was a referral. We have been trying to contact him since my first week and he has never been home! He wasn't in our plans yesterday but his light was on so we decided to go visit. It was so cool because we knocked the door and he invited us in but he was alone so we couldn't go in but then 2 women walked up to the door! It was the woman who had given us the referral!!! So we got to teach the restoration with a member! One thing I have learned is that lessons are 10x more powerful with a member there. We are really working hard to have more lessons with memebrs. But anways he was super receptive and asked us if we could set up a time for the 5 of us to meet again. 

-We sang a suprise musical number in church on sunday. Haha I was sitting in sacrament meeting and honestly i dont really understand much because it's hard to hear through the speakers so I just kinda relax...but then Hna E started freaking out and apparently they had announced that we were going to sing so hopefully it sounded alright... It was the 4 of us Hnas. Latinos don't know how to read music so we were all singing on different beats and stuff but could still feel the spirit

-Last story. Preface: there are 2 streets I refuse to go on in our sector because both have really scary dogs....anyways, we were asked to verify an address of a menos activo and so we went to find his house. We walked around our sector for 1 hour looking for the street (the streets here are so confusing) and we had no luck. We finally decided to head to a different house because we had spent so much time looking. We were standing next to the scary dog street and a woman went to walk down it. We decided to ask her if they knew where the street was and she told us that it she didn't know the street but that is was nowhere in the area. We walked the long way around to avoid the scary street and when we got to the other side, found a street sign and it was the street we were looking for but it was the dog street. (sorry this is probably making no sense) anyways both dogs were sitting in the middle of the road and I was terrified and didn't want to go down. I said a prayer because i was so scared and we started walking down the street. It was a miracle because as soon as we stepped into the street a door opened and someone called the dogs inside. It is amazing how HF is so aware of us. Hope that story isn't too hard to figure out....sorry...

Anyway, I hope everyone has the greatest week! Shoutout to T-Blake (last time I can call you that) and good luck to you and Garret this week!!!! Also Jilly bean!!!! I am so excited for you!

I was reading in Mosiah 18 today about Alma at the Waters of Mormon and I thought about you! In that story all the people were so excited to be baptized and I hope you are just as excited as they were! Enjoy your last full week of summer! 

Hermana Freedman

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