Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18th - Week 11 Animo!

Hey everyone!

This week was really slow but still great. We got dropped by quite a few people which was a bummer, but they will have another chance down the road. We didn´t teach very many lessons but the ones we did teach were super powerful. 

But first! Congrats Jilly bean!!!! It sounds like your baptism was so special and you looked so pretty in your white dress. 

This week we had intercambios again so I worked in Pukarani with Hermana Cueva. That was really great and intercambios are always a great learning experience. 

We found a new investigator Marcela this week and she is so great! We actually taught her two days in a row and both times she had so many questions and just wanted to know more! But her boyfriend works 10x10s (10 days in the mine, 10 days here) and so right now he is here so she is living at his apartment so we have 1 more week till we can teach her again. But I'm looking forward to that. 

We also have a new investigator Alejandra who also is progressing. Hopeful for her as well. But I'm always hopeful for everyone haha. 

And our other new investigator is Nicole. She and her son Benjamin both listened to the first discussion. She has so much faith and is the cutest young mom. While we were teaching her I just kept imagining her as the primary or YWs president. She would be stellar. 

Hna. E had some flu virus this weekend so we spent a lot of time in the pension. On Saturday night Hna Clawson came with me because we had appointments in our sector. Funny story. Our first cita was with Carolina. In our sector we have lots of apartments and all the builidngs are the same color. Gustavo and Carolina live in builings that are next to each other, both on the 5th floor, both the same number. I explained to Hna clawson all about carolina knocked the door and it was the wrong apartment!!!! It was our other investigator Gustavo. I almost died, but I just invited him to church and I hope I played it off alright. Carolina ended up falling through and so did our other appointments. We had 2 hours left and had used everyone Hna E and I had planned for. I was freaking our because I was leading sector but I decided to try for Camila who generally can only meet in the mornings. But she was there and we got to teach her!!! We haven't been able to contact her for 2 weeks so that was super awesome. And after we went and had a lesson with Daniel. He is a menos activo and really wants to come back to church. The spirit was so strong and it was a really great end to the day. 

As usual a big testimony builder that the Lord is there for us! I was scared out of my mind to lead sector, 1. because I don't know the sector super well and 2. Spanish, but I did it!!!

Not much else happened. I definitely had to remind myself constantly this week to have ANIMO because it was a lot of walking, or sitting in the apartment when I wanted to be working but I'm amazed how easy it is to be happy here even when everything goes wrong. 

Have the greatest week! Love you all!

Hermana Freedman

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