Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30th, 2015 - One Month Santiago MTC

Hola Familia!!!
I can't believe it has already been 1 month!!! That's crazy!!! It is flying by. This was by far the best week yet on the mission. I feel like so much happened!

Last pday was a blast. Hna. K and I have the same skirt and shoes so we decided to match on pday, Hna. Jacobson joined in too. We just did the usual, the grocery store and the post office and food and just walked around Santiago. The post office lady scares me to death. I have been twice and she reminds me of the slug lady in monsters inc and she wears these big purple glasses and wont slow down when i ask her to speak slower. I'm surprised I haven't had a heart attack in there yet. Also we got to go to the temple and I think it was the most spiritual session I have ever done. I loved it and it is so cool to just be in a room full of missionaries!!!

The Copa America is still going on here and on Wednesday Chile beat Uruguay. Sorry dad but Chile es el mejor pais en el mundo. that probably wan't good Spanish but whatever. The Uruguay bus drove by our window Wednesday afternoon and was surrounded by a police escort and all the Chileans were just screaming. It was cool to watch them drive by. Chile also beat Peru yesterday so they are in the finals on Saturday!!! We are trying to convince Preisdente to let us watch!!! He's a softie so we can do it. Viva Chile!!!

Hermana Jacobson has a tendency to run away from Hermana K and I and she had her hood on running to exercise the other day and there are no speed limits here and she ran into the road and literally almost got hit by a car. It scared me to death. Also Hermana K ran into a biker on the bike path. He skidded and almost fell off his bike and he started yelling at her. I couldn't stop laughing.

On Wednesday our teacher, Hno Huerta had his birthday so we threw a little party for him and we had everyone sing in the cafeteria and stuff. He loved it!

The Dolls also had their anniversary this week so our district had everyone sing at breakfast and then we gave them a card and 39 pesos for 39 years. 39 pesos is like a few cents. Maybe not even a cent but it was fun.

We got a new teacher 2 weeks ago and he is the coolest person I have ever met. his name is Hno Pino. He makes class so much fun but also teaches the best Book of Mormon lessons and gives the best feedback. The other day he taught us how to beat-box and then yesterday he brought his ukulele and we were singing all the american pop songs. He played Blank Space and All About That Bass and I thought about you Jilly Bean!!! He also turned down playing for the Chilean national soccer team to serve his mission. Our district loves him and hopefully we get to keep him for our last 2 weeks. 

We had a prank war with district 9 this week and it was so much fun. They left today for the field so we were sad to see them go. They were the missionaries I was closest to here. 

The past few days we have had locals join us for soccer in the morning. This cute little boy Nels played with us on Friday and it was so fun. Today we got 2 girls to join. they were 14 and 15 and were skipping school haha. I don't blame them...to be honest I would probably love to skip out of being in the classroom here at times. I am tired of starring at white walls. 

On Friday night I woke myself up because I was sleep talking and I was teaching a lesson!! That was super weird. I don't remember what language it was in but we can just pretend Spanish. 

Hermana Doll thinks my name is Hermana Feldman so my comps and I are always laughing about that. Also I have a serious laughing problem. The other day the 3 latinas were practicing teaching us and all 6 of us were in this tiny room. My comps and I were squished on this mini couch and during the opening prayer I lost it. I felt so bad because then Hna K started laughing and the latinas couldn't understand that we weren't laughing at them. I should probably work on that. 

Sunday was wonderful as usual. We watched 2 devotionals by Elder Holland. I gave the prayer in sacrament meeting and Hna K gave a talk. She killed it. She even shared an experience she hadn't written down and she did so great. I was so proud of her because she has had a little bit of a harder time with Spanish. It is so cool to see The Lord working on us as missionaries and I really see it in her with the language. Sunday night the mission president from Rancagua came and talked to us. They shared more like the logistics of serving in Chile which was really nice. 

We get a new set of investigators this week so hopefully we can continue to improve. 

Just wanted to share a quick thought with you before I have to go! In Alma when the Anti Nephi Lehis buried their weapons they took a knee before the Lamanites came to kill them. As a district we talked about the importance of always being examples and burying our various weapons, Whatever they might be. I would just encourage all of you to find one thing you can improve on whether it be a bad habit or whatever and bury it!!! Then be an example to those around you!

Love you all so much!!!

Hermana Feldman

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