Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 3rd We Arrived

Hola Familia!
I just arrived at the CCM and I love it here. I don¨¨t understand anything and I have no clue how to use this keyboard but its all good. The flight was good I sat next to this Korean man who didn{t speak English. ALso I filled my water bottle in Atlanta and woke up 8 hours into the flight and my bag was soaked and my water bottle was empty. I just had to laugh about it. The customs official didn{t look too impressed though when I handed him my wet documnet. I have to go. Love you!

Hermana Freedman
This picture was taken just as Catie left the gate in SLC. Since we were flying to Norfolk 2 hours later, we were able to see her all the way to the gate.

One of the sweetest things ever, a brother and former companion of mine from Uruguay, Daniel Aguilar sent these flowers to Catie the day before she left.  The gospel is a wonderful thing.

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