Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16th - Week 2 Santiago MTC

This week has been so much better and I am learning to love and appreciate the CCM.
I was so saddened to hear about the Openshaws and looked up to all of them so much. They were great examples and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with them. They will be missed but I have faith that everything will work out. They are in my prayers.
Hopefully this week's email will be more organized. Last week I made the mistake of not writing down things that had happened throughout the week. It is fun to hear about everything going on at home and I'm so glad everyone is doing so well.

P-day last week was great. This is the only mtc where you get to leave the campus ever haha. We just went to this department store Paris because one of my comps needed some stuff and then we just went to Liders, it's like Walmart, and bought snacks so that we didn't have to keep eating the food. I'm getting used to the food though and its been much better this week. We also got to go to the temple last week and it was beautiful. I needed it and it really helped me feel prepared for the week ahead. It was weird hearing it in Spanish though, even though I had English headsets on. 

Some other things about Santiago. The mountains are INCREDIBLE. Huge and some of the prettiest mountains I've ever seen. It is freezing here, and I definitely packed for Antofagasta winters not Santiago ones so I'll probably just run to the store this pday or next and grab tights or something. It gets light so late here. We start exercising at 8 and the sun is just barely starting to come up. Maybe thats normal but I don't really remember how it is at home. Home kinda feels fake sometimes which is an odd feeling.  Our bedroom looks out on the tallest building in South America. It's just a giant glass building and I think its a mall. This one is for Jilly. David Archuleta stayed in the hospedaje here in the ccm and one of the elders in my district sleeps in his bed. Elder Archuleta signed the bed hahaha and wrote the scripture about the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me. We bought fresh strawberries as a district from a woman outside the gates the other day and they were so good. Blew the ccm cafeteria food out of the water and I don't even think it is strawberry season down here. Also the Copa de America is going on in Santiago right now so game nights the streets get so loud. We all want to watch the games so badly. I don't even know how the game against Mexico went last night but hopefully chile won!!!

This week I really have focused on becoming more unified with my companions. It is so hard for me to be with the same people 24 7 just because I love being alone but they don't make it too hard. We have gotten a lot closer this week and have so much fun together.

We finished teaching our first set of investigators this week and it was a good experience. The language is coming and that feels so good!!! Andres, our hardest investigator has just been killing us but in our lesson yesterday we decided to go in with a different approach. Not to brag, and I'm very aware that I'm still an awful missionary, but I slayed it. I was actually speaking Spanish and asking good questions and I was really able to feel the spirit. Our other investigators I'm convinced were there just to boost our confidence which felt good but too easy. I kinda like the feeling of realizing what I need to work on. It's more like real life when they are hard and I like that. 

Sundays here are my favorite and this Sunday was awesome. All the missionaries have to write a talk on an assigned topic and Presidente Doll randomly calls people up. I basically copied mine out of preach my gospel because they have to be in Spanish but I didn't get called so that was good. It is fun watching the provo devotionals too. This Sunday the mission president from Santiago east, President and Hermana Wright, came and spoke. It was exactly what I needed. He reminded me of you dad and he even served in Uruguay!!! I just wanted to share a little thought from the devotional this week. 

We discussed how the atonement has the ability to strengthen us. Ether 12:27 tells us that the Lord gives us weakness so we can grow. We should view weakness as a challenge and opportunity to do better. I could keep talking because it was so great but i'm running out of time!!! 

I love you all and hope everything at home is going well. I love being a missionary and there is no place I would rather be!!!
Hermana Freedman

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