Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 9th, Week Two - Chile MTC

Hey everybody,
before i start writing i just want to apologize because the keyboards here are weird so excuse the lack of punctuation...The CCM is awesome. Not what I expected but then again I dont know if i was expecting anything. We got here on WEdnesday morning and had like an hour and a half to unpack and unwind before we started classes. I am living here at the CCM with half the group that came and the other are in Al Cantara. it is a house the church owns that is about 10 minutes drive from here. It was previously a swiss embassy and Ive heard it is beautiful. Everything is antique and they have a maid that does everything for them. But its probably good I dont live there because my companions and I are a little forgetful...I totally forgot my tag the other day. rookie mistake. I have 2 companions, Hna Kleinman and Hna Jacobson. Both are from ARizona and they are the nicest girls. WE get along super well and I already love them so much. We definitely need to learn to work together though because during our lessons we all 3 teach like our own lessons all simultaneously. Its awful haha but I just have to laugh. We will get there. 
I love my district.  It is us 3 sisters and 6 elders. Our distric leader Elder Heaps played football at AMerican fork and when he found out 
i went to timpview he couln't stop talking about britain covey. he randomly brings him up all the time. its like this weird obsession with him. 
There are 49 missionaries here at the CCM, al cantara included. President and hermana doll are the nicest and hermana doll feels like a mom to me. Thats one thing i love about it here is I know everybody!!! Except the latinos because I can\t talk to them but the spanish is coming. There aren't that many latinos here though. I think 2 districs out of 6. something like that. normally there are more. 
My spanish is awful but i have faith that it will come and i enjoy learning. It has been hard for me to adjust to the way they teach here because i am so used to the way i learn at school. that has been hard for me but i know it will get better over time. 
The food here is terrible and i have been sick all week...for breakfast they have bread and manjar *dulce de leche* and ham and cheese and then cereal with yogurt. I always just have cerela and yogurt except when they have the liquid yogiry i don't eat it. it is nasty. 
Lunch and dinner are the same. Its bread and then you get to choose rice pasta or potatoes with usually uncooked meat and lots of time like cream sauces. They always have fruit which is my favorite thing and then a *salad bar*. but by salsad bar i mean usually greenish brown lettuce with vegetable oil and cold cauliflower. stuff like that. one day they had beets so that was yummy. i am having to be careful with the food but really in don't even want to eat it because it makes me feel so sick. my stomach is bubbling all day. I also had to get a flu shot and i got a really bad cold after that but it's ok. 
I have 1 hour to email on p day and it flys by. AFtre our hour we get to leave the ccm campus and walk around santiago and go to the store and stuff. There is a boundary but apparently there is plenty to do. This is the only mtc where you can leave the campus. Then later we go to the temple which is dirrectly infront of the hospedaje where i live. 
Every morning we get to go to the park to exercise. I love it. Its about a 5 minute walk from the ccm and there is a small park that has workout machines, where you lift your own body weight and stuff and then the larger park is like 3 minutes past and there is a basketball court and soccer goals and stuff. most of the missionaries play soccer but my companions and i have run aroudnt he park everyday. Im so glad they run!!! We go super slow but im not going to complain. 
I made the mistake of not writing stuff down throughout the week to tell you and my mind is going 200 miles an hour right now so sorry im probably forgetting to tell you some stuff. 
Funny story for the week. We were in class yesterday learning the difference between ser and estar which both mean to be. AT one point one of our teachers *we have like 7 total* said como estan. i yelled really loud *estamos buenos* all the teachers started laughing and they explained that i had just said *we are sexy/hot* then my companion hermana kleinman got super red and was like *thats why all the latinos laugh when i say that* i got a kick out of that. 
by the way mom. Hermana doll told me to tell you that she knows cathy anderson. I have no clue who that is but ill trust you know what im talking aout.
I love sundays here and they are probably my favorite day. WE watch the devotionals in provo on tape delay and it was fun looking for friends. I also bore my testimony in spanglish in sacrament meeting. I definitely made up some spanish words but I think i got my point across alrigtht. 
WE already have 2 investigators andres and paloma. Except we don't actually konw that andres is andres because we went the whole lesson withouth asking his name....oh well. 
My spanish is so awful and the chlileans speak so fast. My companions and i try to go talk to the ones visitng the temple every once in a while and i never know what is going on. 
hna jacobson did duolingo before she came and holy cow she is like fluent! shouldve listened to you dad. 
I can't think of anything else to really tell you but im sure i forgot so much stuff. I hope i answered all your questions. Thje ccm is great and i love being a missionary. I think the biggest thing that has stuck out to me this week is the concept of love. Never before in my life have I felt so much love. I am amazed at how the gospel inspires me to love everyone im around even if i haven't  ever talked to them before. I also have felt so much love from everyone here and i have definitely felt the love from home. I know that as we show love to those around us we really can make a difference and invite others to come unto christ. 
Cant wait to write you all next week! And sorry i don't have pictures. I left my camera on in my bag so it was dead when i took it out today. we are only allowed to take pictures on p day. also there is no slot for an sd card so i need to figure that out. 
Love you all!
Hermana Freedman

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