Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23rd - Week 3 Santiago MTC

Hello Everyone,
First of all Happy Fathers Day Dad. Hope your Sunday was great and I thought about you all day. This week was pretty uneventful but it flew by so that was good. The CCM schedule is hard for me. It's the same thing everyday which gets pretty boring. 

Last pday was fun. We went and got empanadas which were pretty good and just walked around Santiago. We found this cute little bakery and I got a pan chocolate. I thought of you Dad. The pastries and bread here are so good. Like honestly, I don't know why France gets all the attention. 

We got a new transfer of missionaries in this week and it was 5 districts!!! There are about 85 missionaries here now...They are all super nice but I miss the quaintness of the CCM. Also Luke Worthington got here this week so that's kinda cool. He is literally huge and his head almost touches the ceilings here. But...considering of the mission there will be no buckets...BYU friends better have appreciated that one. No I'm kidding but it has been fun to kinda get to know him.

Some highlights from this week-
My comps and I go talk to people out by the temple everyday which is fun. It's always a confidence booster to recognize I know some Spanish and the people are so friendly and willing to help me learn.

Elder Clark bought soy sauce because the food is so bland so we were taking soy sauce shots all week with our district and all our teachers. That provided a little bit of entertainment. 

My comps and I were walking back to the hospedaje one day and there is construction going on at the chapel. Shake it off was playing on the radio so obviously we stopped and had a little dance party on the soccer court next to the chapel. I miss music....

Hermana Kleinman ironed a hole in her skirt this week. We were all dying it was so funny. My comps and I are always laughing which I really love. 

Also we continue to buy strawberries from the lady outside the gate as a district and we all sit in the common room and eat them together at night. It is really fun and fresh food tastes so good!!!

Nothing else really happened but i'm excited for pday and the temple today. My comps and I are matching so I will send a picture of that next week.

Quick spiritual thought. I was reading in D&C 138 which is all about the spirit world and verses 47 and 48 talk about family history work. I know that is something we have been focusing on in church and as a family. It talks about how we promised our ancestors that we would help them through doing family history work. I loved that and it made me want to be better!!! So challenge to the fam...Try to find a name and then get all the temple work done for that person!!! When I get home I will do it too!

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!!

Hermana Freedman

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