Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7th - Week 5 Santiago MTC

Well first off! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLY! I hope you have the best day. I'm thinking about you here!

Not much happened this week and it went a little slower than usual but only one more week left so I can do it!!! We got a new classroom because we got a new transfer of missionaries and we had the biggest classroom but there is a district of 12 now so they needed the space. That new district has 11 elders and 1 hermana. She was the only North American to come so good luck to  her....

Last pday was fun. We went and got completos as a district and then I went with my comps and we got gelato. So yummy. I think we are going to go get lunch and ice cream together again today. 

Fourth of July was so much fun here!!! Our district all wore red white and blue and so did the rest of Chile! Everyone loves America. It's just a fact. Kidding, really the finals of the Copa america were on Saturday night and Santiago was insane all day. We have a window out to the street and it was so loud all day. Presidente let us watch it and the 3 hour break was awesome. It went into PKs before Chile won!!! It was a big deal because next year is the 100th anniversary of the copa america, so 25 copa Americas and this was Chile's first time winning. Next year they are holding a special 100 year copa america in the states!!!!! 

I don't want to brag...but....we are kinda the coolest district in Chile CCM history. Presidente keeps telling us he wants to retire our number and has given us the motto "gone but never forgotten". Sorry the keys don't work like normal. Then Hna Doll had a dream about our district last night. I'm just going to pretend its because she loves us but its probably safer to say she has been ready for this 6 weeks to go by more than we have. 

This past Sunday was my first Sunday in solo EspaƱol.I actually could understand most everything but they speak super slow here. I bore my testimony again in sacrament meeting and it was really cool to see my progress from week 1. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but i'm getting there. That night at the all the north americans sang the star spangled banner and that was fun. I also shipped my bag off to Antofagasta so that was crazy. I can't believe how fast time here has gone.

Yesterday at the park those two girls Daphne and Rosia that we played soccer with last week were there again so we stopped and talked for a while which was fun. The people here are super chatty and I love it! Makes my job a lot easier. 

This week should be fun. WE go contacting tomorrow and then on splits on Thursday so that will be awesome and good practice for the field on Tuesday!!

I don't remember if I told you but we got 2 new investigators. I JUST FELT AN EARTHQUAKE!!!! FIRST ONE SINCE I GOT HERE!!!! But anyways back to investigators. Matias I love and he is just so fun to teach it's like a really fun challenge. Our other one Milagros is so hard because she doesn't have any apparent needs and we have talked and talked to try and find one. But yesterday we had a terrible lesson and after our teacher suggested maybe we teach the restoration. It clicked that the first time we taught her I kept feeling like I should teach the restoration  but I ignored the thought. Now after lesson 3 she is telling us she needed the restoration! I learned a big lesson to always follow promptings. I think one thing the cmm kinda had me thinking was that its bad to teach the restoration 1st because there's no way that the restoration could address their need. I definitely learned wrong but I'm gladIi learned that lesson here in the ccm. So spiritual thought for the week. Always act on promptings!!! The Lord knows what he is doing. 

This is my last pday here at the ccm!!! And next week I don't think I get one so I'm not sure when I will write you next but I love you all! Thanks for the emails and prayers! Have fun at pageant family and look for every missionary opportunity you can!!


Hermana Freedman

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