Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20th - Week 7 Arica, Siempre Arica

Hola Everyone!

I have so much to write today!!! My last week in the CCM was amazing. I loved every minute of it. We got to go contacting one day which was fun and then the next day we went on splits in Santiago Este. That was a great learning experience. Sunday night the mission presidentes from Santiago Sur spoke to us. They are incredible!!! Also sunday night me and my hnas made cookie dough just from a mix at the store and sat and ate it in our room. It was a fun little pow wow before we all went our separate ways. 

Tuesday morning we all left for our different missions. It was really sad to say bye to Hermana Kleinman but i'm sure she is doing great things in Concepcion Sur. There were 8 Hermanas (4 gringas and 4 latinas) and 4 elders (2 gringos and 2 latinos) that all came up here. Our flight was good and we met up with one more hermana who was coming from the Argentina CCM. The Daltons picked us up and we went and took a picture at this landmark place. I think you got the picture. We stayed at the mission home Tuesday and Wednesday got our assignments. It was a 12 hour bus ride from Anto to Arica and I was with Hermana Espinoza and then 2 other sets of Hermanas and their trainers. 

I am serving in Arica, with Hermana Espinoza. It is a weird situation becasue she is a Sister Trainig Leader and usually there is a companionship of STLs and you never train while you are an STL so that has been kinda crazy. But I just consider myself an honorary STL or a STL possibly in training haha. I think it will be a good experience as hard as it is sometimes. Hermana Espinoza is 20 I believe and has been out for 14 months. So she is getting close to her death bed. She says FETCH all the time and I really don't like it and I better not pick up the habit but I just have to laugh about it because she probably says it so much. I think in time we will be able to do great things together. She speaks no english and currently the language is a little bit of a barrier...but in time. 

Thursday morning was good. We studied and went out for a bit but then at 6 we had to go to the bus terminal because we had a conference in Iquique on Friday. So a 5 hour bus ride thursday night and we got to Iquique at around 4 am. We went to the chapel and "slept" there till 7. The conference with Elder Zeballos was super great and I actually understood quite a bit. My zone had a musical number. We took a 5 hour bus back to Arica at 3 and worked for the rest of the night. 

Saturday was good. The mornings are hard because everyone is asleep. We really need investigators but we gotta have time to work. Hermana Espinoza has had a lot of other responsibilies this week which has made the work hard. Saturday night we had a lesson with Marcela who I love. She is an English teacher and I got to bear my testimony to her in English which felt so nice!!! I remembered what it feels like to actually tell someone exactly what im thinking. 

Sunday was good. I like the ward. Sunday night we found a new investigator, Camilla so that was exciting!!!! The people here just let you in and open up so quickly it is crazy. 

Im pretty sure I learned a different language in the CCM. I don't understand anything time. Sorry if this email was too vague I have a lot to say and not a ton of time!!! 

Spriritual thought! 3 Nephi 5.13 I believe...We are disciples of Christ and have the responsibility to share the gospel so find opportunities to do it!!!

Love you all!

Hermana Freedman

The view from Arica to Iquique

Hna Freedman and Hna Espinoza - Freedman on right :)

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