Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 15th, 2016 - Week 64 "Onions and Lemons"

Hey Everyone! 
Another great week here in Zapahuira. Hermana Gemin and I are doing well and lots of strange things have happened. First the bad news, I have fleas!  We are pretty sure we know where they are coming from but my legs are covered in flea bites....
Also this week Hermana Gemin and I were both sick with colds. We went to a members house and she and her husband started talking about medicinal foods. Her husband left and ran to the store and came back with 4 onions and some lemons. As we talked to his wife he chopped onions and put a salad bowl in front of us and told us to eat. Haha Hermana Gemin and I didnt know what to, but the hermano had just spent 10 minutes chopping onion, was crying, and so we just started eating spoonfuls of raw onion....I definteliy wouldnt suggest it and in case you are wondering we woke up the next moring with worse colds.
The work is going well here. Rosalia wasn't able to meet her baptismal goal for Saturday but we are trying to help her prepare for this weekend. She came to church yesterday which was great! Paola also came. We also have another investigator Andrea. She is so ready to receive the gospel and Hermana Gemin and I always thought she wasn't married but the other day as we were talking about the Law of Chastity she started telling us all about her wedding! We were shocked but so excited because now she can be baptized as soon as she wants. We are helping her quit smoking but she understands everything really well. She even asked if she could come to church in a skirt which is a big deal here.  Sadly her daughter woke up with a fever yesterday morning and they were in the hospital when church started. The great news is she's working towards her baptismal date!!!
It's been fun to see people from my old ward. Yesterday Isidora, Maria Paz, Hermana Vasquez, and Jael came to church to visit me. They haven't changed at all and everyone seems to be doing well.
Today is a holiday here. Something for the Virgin Maria. Our papitos took us to the beach, then to lluta valley, and then playa de los corazones which is a beach with lots of caves and stuff. It was fun and I'm glad to be back in Arica, where its always spring!!!
Hope you all have a gerat week!

Hermana Freedman

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