Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aug 8th, 2016 - Week 63 "44 Hours, Am I Still On a Bus?"

Hey everyone! 
This week was crazy. I spent 2 days in a bus which was super fun.  On Monday afternoon I traveled to Arica. I got here Tuesday afternoon at about 4 and Hermana Gemin and I left to work! The sector here is great! The ward is also super awesome. We had mission correlation and I was able to meet some of the ward members. On Wednesday we left for Antofagasta. I was exhausted and it was another 12 hour bus ride, but it ended up being longer because my companion forgot her documents!!! In Iquiqe they separated us and almost made Hermana Gemin stay the night in the police station. It felt pretty weird to be without my companion and I never want it to happen again but after about 30 minutes they let her go and we got going to Antofagasta again. 

Leadership council was super great and we talked a lot about repentance. Everytime we go there are more and more changes in the mission. We have started working with a new activity. Every companionship has a sign that says #todoelesp√≠ritumisional Every time we leave to work with members we take a picture and they post the picture. It's been fun and the ward members have started to participate!!!! We came back on Thursday night (after 12 more hours in a bus) and got here Friday morning. 

I've been so tired all week but the Lord always helps me keep working with energy. 

We have some great investigators here! Rosalia has a baptismal date this weekend and we were able to visit her with the bishop this week. 

We also are visiting a couple, Paola and Edgar. We went on Friday with a ward member and talked about eternal marriage. Hermana Gemin told me that Edgar wanted to get married and Paola no. The spirit was really strong and in the end they committed to be baptized and get married!!! But the best part was at the end they said ¨but we can't get baptized without our kids. We want them to start listening!!!¨ They want to be baptized as a family! We went again yesterday to talk about setting goals and then we found out that they can't be married because Paola is waiting for her that might make the process a little longer but we are all praying for a miracle that her divorce can move quickly. 

Its great being back in Arica and I can't believe that a year ago I was sitting in the same ciber writing you all, but I hardly spoke Spanish, and was just starting to learn how to be a missionary, and was in the process of strengthening my testimony. Its been great to reflect on this past year, and everything that has happened.  I love this gospel and I love my Savior!!!

Hermana Freedman

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