Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29th - Week 39 "OVER THE HILL"

Hey Everyone,
Feeling a little sad about the subject title....I can't believe this week is the halfway mark of my mission!  By the end of this week, I will officially be "over the hill".

Armenia accepted a baptismal date this week for March 19, we also taught her the word of wisdom and it's gonna be a battle for her to give up her tea. Haha she always talks about how she wants to receive the blessings but it's a family tradition to drink tea so I'll be praying lots for my Tocopillan abuelita. 

Carlos and Catalina are progressing tons. Still don't want to choose a baptismal date but we have had some really good lessons. Catalina has also started inviting her friends to church and to all the activities. Pretty sure the elders in sectors norte and sur are pretty excited about that too. 

We had a really great youth activity this week which was really fun. It was a mixture of spiritual and fun and I think it helped Carlos and Catalina lots. Part of the activity was a quiz game. All the questions I got were about Chile and I knew none of the answers! I've got a lot of studying to do. 

We didn't find many new investigators this week which was a bummer but we will just have to work harder this next week. 

This week we also went to Antofagasta to watch a broadcast from Buenos Aires with Elder Bednar. It was a Q and A and was so great! He talked a lot about faith. His wife also talked a lot about humility which hit me hard this week. To be honest, the week was a little rough and yesterday when we counted numbers it was pretty humbling to see the work we had done throughout the week. I definitely realized there is so much more I can be doing. There is always more I can do! And being a missionary is hard work! It isn't supposed to be easy because we are working to save souls! So I have 9 more months to take advantage of every single day and work as hard as I can! 

Thanks for all the prayers! Love you all tons!

Hermana Freedman

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