Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1 - Week 35 "Tour Bus Platinum Level?"

Well it's officially February. I can't believe January flew by so fast. 

This week was good. We went to Calama again for intercambios. Everytime we travel I remember again and again that I'm literally living in the middle of the desert. And if I was an optimist I could say I appreciate the views but....I can't fool myself. Tocopilla and the coast are really beautiful but inland is a little depressing. Also....I think by now I should have like a Tour Bus Platinum status. If Tour Bus were run by delta that would mean lots of Nutella and Biscoff cookies for me. 

Intercambios were really great. I worked with Hermana Sotec and she is the funniest. We laughed and laughed for hours straight. 

Also this week I ate lunch in Alexis Sanchez's house. Pretty sweet. The only thing that was missing was alexis himself but oh well. 

As far as investigators go, Diana and Juan still aren't coming to church....I don't know what else we can do to help them. It is hard because Diana works till super late on Saturday night and doesn't wake up in time for church. We have tried everything, calling, passing by their house before church, daily contact. We will see what ends up happening. 

We ended up leaving Margarita because she isn't progressing and we were spending a lot of time focusing on her. Hopefully she will realize that she needs the gospel in her life at some point!

We also are teaching an old investigator Valeria. She wants to be baptized and knows everything is true but can't get herself to go to church. She understands the importance and can explain keeping the Sabbath day holy perfectly but just can't get herself to church! Also her mom is less active but she doesn't know she is a member. Lots of prayers and faith, but I am pretty confident that in not too long we will be sitting with her in the chapel. 

Carlos and Catalina are doing alright. We have run into a few problems with their situation but we are working to find solutions. Catalina came to church yesterday which was awesome! Her mom also wants to start listening but won't be back in Tocopilla for another week. They have both been praying which is awesome but are having trouble finding answers so we will focus on helping them recognize the spirit this week. 

One thing that I have really been studying and sharing with the  people here is the importance of the sacrament. It has been a really great experience and I have had lots of time to ponder and reflect on the sacred nature of the sacrament. It is something we can't live without. We have the opportunity to be clean again and again. I have felt so much peace during the sacrament in my time here in the mission and have really grown to appreciate the power of the atonement. I hope that as I share my testimony with the people here of the power of the sacrament we can inspire more people to come to church and make sacred covenants with God. It doesn't matter if we are members or just beginning to know the church we all need the atonement of Jesus Christ because we are all imperfect. Next sunday I would invite you all to really pay attention to the sacrament prayers and think about what Jesus Christ has done for you and I know that if we do everything we can we can have the spirit with us 100% of the time! 

I love you all so much. Hope you are enjoying the snow. It continues to get hotter and hotter here! 


Hermana Freedman

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