Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 22nd - Week 38 "Couch Potato"

Hola Familia!!!! 

This week was so great and I feel like I spent most of it myself. But those are the best moments so I wouldn't mind if they kept coming. 

This week we traveled to Calama for zone training. I don't know how much longer I can handle Tur bus. We left the pension at 4.15 in the morning because the bus was supposed to leave at 4.40 but we ended up waiting outside (there isn't a terminal here in Tocopilla because it's so small) for an hour. Then there was construction so definitely didn't sleep. When I did end up sleeping I woke myself up because I was sleep talking so loud. But I learned a lot in zone training which was good. We did lots of practices with the baptismal invitation and it was good. Hna. C and I have really gotten better this week with that. Coming back we were stopped in the canyon just outside of Tocopilla for an hour. It was the middle of the day and so hot. I was dying but oh well. My Tur Bus days will come to an end and I will miss all the good adventures. 

While we were planning on Wednesday night a giant, GIANT moth flew into my facee. We both freaked out and ended up trying to kill the moth for half an hour! Not one of my best moments and if you ever need help killing moths don't come to me. But we were laughing so hard the whole time. 

Also at lunch this week I was feeling super brave and opted to try stomach....definitely was fighting to keep it in my stomach. I think I'll stick to the typical Chilean rice and chicken diet from now on. 

Last funny moment from this week. We were teaching an investigator Gladys in her house. I went to sit down on the couch and I don't know why she didn't inform me that her grand kids had cut out the bottom but the cushion was resting on top of a giant hole. I ended up inside the couch folded in half. 

As far as the work goes we are really seeing progress!!!!! Carlos and Catalina are really progressing. We taught The Gopsel of  Jesus Christ this week and Carlos kept talking about how he really wants to repent and do things right. They have not accepted the baptismal invitation but they both say it's because they want to be baptized but, when they know they will be converts. They don't want to feel pressure to be baptized just because. They have been assisting [she means attending but is thinking Spaish in her head] weekly activities, call us when they have questions about their reading assignments, and participate tons in church!!!! I am so excited. It has been so cool to see Carlos go from not believing in God to accepting him in his life. 

Armenia didn't come to church this week but she is also progressing slowly but surely. We were able to work with Hermana Dalton this week and it was an incredible day! Full of miracles for sure. I don't know what happened but Armenia was crazy when Hermana Dalton showed up. She just kept kissing my face and pinching my cheeks the whole lesson. I think I've found my Tocopillan grandma. We found a few new investigators with Hermana Dalton and had some really spiritual lessons. Definitely a highlight of the week. 

This week I was studying faith because on Wednesday we will be going to Antofa for a conference with Elder Bendar (a broadcast from Buenos Aires). It was cool to read how faith is a principle of past, present, and future. It starts out as a future hope for something. When we act according to our belief we are using our agency to accomplish something in the present. After the trial of our faith we have evidence (past) of the power of faith. This evidence leads us to have more hope. Faith is a never ending circle!

Hope you all have a good week! Thanks for all the prayers!

Hermana Freedman

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