Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15th - Week 37 "Pan Colombianooooo, Ricoooo, Saborosooooo!"

Happy Valentines Day Everyone, 

This week was super great and we had 4 investigators at church which we were really excited about!!!!! We are starting to see lots of progress here in Tocopilla and are receiving tons of blessings. 

This week Hermana Challco and I finally bought Pan Colombiano. There are tons of Colombians here in the north of Chile and in Tocopilla, in the afternoon they walk around with bags of bread and yell, "pan colombianoooo, ricooo, saborosoooo" (Pan Colombiano, delicious, flavorful). But really their accent makes it even better. After hearing that for so many weeks we decided we might as well try it and it was so good!

Also while we were out working this week we went to contact a future investigator and they had a BYU sticker on the door. What are the odds of that! We knocked and they ended up not being receptive, but apparently some elders lived there a few years back, but they never took the sticker off the door.

As far as investigators go:
-Estella isn't progressing and we have run into a lot of problems with her family situation. I think in the next 2 weeks or so she will be moving back to Coquimbo to live with her mom. 

-This week we had a lesson with Romina, who is an investigator I found with Fernanda before Hermana Challco got here. She is so receptive. She recently had her baby and we taught the Plan of Salvation again. At the end of the lesson she said "hermanas I'm just so excited to keep learning and I can't wait 'till I have progressed enough to be baptized!!!" There is literally not a better feeling than when people understand our purpose. The Lord truly prepares people to accept the gospel. The only problem is she isn't married but her boyfriend slowly is becoming more and more receptive. All she needs is time. 

-We also contacted a reference we recieved from one of our investigators and we have a new investigator Madeline. She is 24 and her husband is dying of cancer. She is also very receptive and we are excited to work with her. 

-One of our investigators Armenia came to church yesterday. She is an abueltia (grandmother) that is always sitting outside her house so we always talk with her. She just won't commit to be baptized but is progressing and continues to read her Book of Mormon and is praying. But she says she will know the church is true if she receives 20,000,000 pesos....so we are working to explain the spirit and how the spirit works. That we don't need big manifestations to know something is true. At church she ended up having lots of friends so hopefully that will get her excited for next Sunday. 

-Carlos and Catalina also showed up yesterday! We haven't had contact with them for about a week and a half and they haven't been answering their door or the phone. We tried calling them Saturday and Sunday morning to invite them to church but they didn't show up. About 10 minutes into the meeting they walked in!!! Catalina stayed for all 3 hours and wants to go to mutual Friday and the activity on Wednesday. We had a lesson with them last night and taught the plan of salvation. Carlos was pretty interested and was looking things up in his Book of Mormon the whole time. At the end he also asked about family history and it just so happens that there is an activity this week to start family history in the branch! He is really excited to go and hopefully this will be his hook!

Not much else has changed in Tocopilla. Its been really windy and a little cold but I wont complain. Hope you all have the greatest week! Thanks for all your prayers!

Hermana Freedman

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