Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 5, 2016 - Week 67 "4 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"


This week flew by, especially since on Tuesday I worked in a different area for exchanges and Thursday Hermana Gemin and I went to Antofagasta for leadership council. Exchanges were good. I worked with Hermana Gallardo, from Santiago and she is Hermana San Martin's best friend. 

Leadership council was also really great, and I love working with Presdient Ferreira. We talked a lot about having faith to baptize and the importance of clearly inviting people to repentance. We also learned how to have ward council and I learned tons! I must admit, the trip was exhausting, but always worth it. 

We have a few progressing investigators!!! We are teaching the grandkids of some less active members and they are the cutest. We are teaching Pablo and Anet and they have baptismal dates for September 24th! They always read their BOM homework that we leave them and every time we go to their house they are waiting outside to greet us. Too much love! 

We also witnessed a miracle this week! We have been working with a less active convert Emanuel. He is a deacon and he lives with his mom who is catholic. Recently his mom Mariela has passed through some difficult challenges, specifically the death of both her parents. She has really struggled understand why that had to happen. We had taught the plan of salvation, the restoration, and talked a few other times about eternal families. She just didn't seem to get it (or we were more likely teaching badly...), but this weekend we were able to fast for her. We fasted for help understanding how to explain so that she could understand the importance of being baptized to have an eternal family. This weekend when we went we asked lots of inspired questions and were able to teach about the gospel of Christ. In the end she finally committed to read and pray about the BOM, and....accepted the baptismal invitation!!!! She has the goal of being baptized this weekend and we are just trying to see if we can find time with her work schedule to teach her everything she needs. She came to church yesterday with her son and the ward has really stepped up and helped us fellowship her family! We should have a baptism soon! 

I love having the chance to fast and I know the lord blesses us when we humbly accept his will and seek his help.

Oh, and yesterday night with the Pukarani hermanas we pulled our mattresses out on the balcony and slept outside. We had such a fun time. And....more exciting news! We are in September which means that chilean independance day is coming up ! Im beyond excited!!! Viva Chile!

Les quiero!

Hermana Freedman

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