Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sept 19th, 2016 - "Puro Chile and STEAK activities" Week 69

FELIZ 18 de Septiembre!!!! I just have to brag for a second that my day here in Chile is way better than yours. Haha. This week was really great and full of lots of good experiences. 

Before updates on the people we are teaching, yesterday everyone was out in the street celebrating Chile, at one point Hermana Gemin and I were knocking a door and a drunk man walked by, he started whistling at us and just stopped and starred. When we started to walk away he put his arms out to his side and started yelling "talk to me about God. Tell me anything you want. Talk to me about God." The way he said it was so funny. Hermana Gemin and I just busted up and then his family from inside the house yelled "Look, he fell in love with an Evangelical". It was funny!

Mariela still won't accept a baptismal interview but we had a really awesome lesson with she and her son. This time we actually taught with the spirit and SHE asked inspired questions to her son, which was awesome.  

Pablo and Annet have passed their baptismal interviews and will be baptized this saturday!!!!

Mauricio and his family are fantastic! Maruicio is a golden less active. We went and talked about the restoration again and the Book of Mormon and they committed to read and pray to receive their answer and to come to church this coming Sunday.

We also found a woman who was almost baptized 20 years ago but she wasnt married. Now she is separated from her husband and when we had our first lesson with her she told us she wanted to be baptized!!!! She will have to change a few of her habits but we are excited that she has the desire to be baptized. 

On Saturday there was a stake activity in a camping site here in our area. It was really fun and Hermana Gemin and I went in typical Chilean dresses. It was a hit .They had a giant BBQ and I have never eaten more steak in my life! They had kites and games and we had a really fun time. 

On Wednesday we went to Antofagasta for a conference with Elder Bragg. The conference was super great. I loved what his wife shared about prayer. I was able to learn lots from the spirit. 

Sorry for such a short email!!!! We are at a members right now celbrating Fiestas Patrias. This morning we made empanadas and have played typical Chilean games. Now we are gong to eat BBQ for lunch. 

Love You All!

Hermana Freedman

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