Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 - Week 60 "Surprise..."

Hey!!! On Thursday the office called telling us that interviews and the get to know you conference with President would be Saturday and Sunday so P-Day was changed to Monday again. This week was good, we found quite a few new investigators who are super great but also were challenged quite a bit. 

Rosa has been progressing tons. The other day we went to finish teaching her the lessons for her baptism on the 23rd and she told us she had had a dream that she was baptized in a river. Hermana Chamorro and I started thinking that maybe it wasn't a dream and that she actually was a less active member. So...we looked for her record and SUPRISE!!! Rosa is already a member. So...our baptism for this weekend fell through which is a bummer. But, at least we were able to reactive Hermana Rosa. 

We also have a young woman we have been working with who is progressing lots. Her name is Sofia. She was a reference from a recent convert in the ward. Well we started working with Sofia and her mom, but her mom lost interest but told us it was alright to keep teaching Sofia. Long story short we received permission to baptize her, set her date, she came to church, and...then  her mom called us and told us she can't be baptized until she's 18 and then can make the decision. To keep from being too Debby Downer, all our other baptismal dates fell through this week...

Soo....we are starting over again. But with lots of faith. We have made lots of plans to work better with the ward and BAPTIZE!!! 

I was also able to work in Caldera this week with Hermana Challco. It was so great to see all her progress and teach with her again. At one point we found a new investigator and started teaching the Restoration. The woman was seated next to me on the couch and Hermana Challco in a chair on the other side of the woman. She taught the first part and when it came to me to start teaching about Christ's life on earth I started teaching and testifying. Hermana Challco had a water bottle and started drinking water (but the woman had her back to her at this point and was looking at me). As Hermana Challco was drinking water squirted out both sides of her mouth and I tried to keep going but I lost it laughing. All 3 of us started laughing and it took us a good solid 5 minutes to get under control again and invite the spirit back. oops. 

With the Elders we planned a ward activity this week which was really fun. We talked about virtue and played lots of games. 

Another highlight of the week was the conference with President and our interviews. President has lots of excitement and its contagious. He was able to give me some good advice and I'm excited to have the opportunity to learn from 2 presidents. The Ferreiras also came and played soccer with us this morning. It was a blast!!!

On Saturday I was honestly feeling a little down with everything that had happened during the week, but the Relief Society had passed us a ¨message box.¨ It was a little box with rolls of paper inside. Saturday night I prayed and decided to see what the box was all about. I ended up pulling out a quote by Elder Uchtdorf that I loved! It said, 

"Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey."

In spanish it translates a little differently and says that "sometimes we become so focused on the goal that we fail to find joy in the journey. "

That was exactly what i needed to hear. And I felt lots of peace, knowing that if I work hard, do what i have been called to do, and have fun, the Lord will bless me! 

Entonces....everyone remember to have fun and find joy everyday! There are so many blessings that sometimes we overlook, but we are so blessed and Heavenly Father loves us!


Hermana Freedman

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