Monday, July 18, 2016

July 11th - Week 59 "Moronis Ark"

Hey everyone! This week was super great!

Here are some of the highlights this week...

Aurora- Aurora came to church yesterday!!!! Thats a huge step! This week we had a few lessons with her. The first was with Hermna Pebbles during a companion exhange. Aurora had read about Lehis vision of the tree of life and had lots of questions. We were able to compare it to her life and talked a lot about faith and she committed to come to church! Later in the week Hermana C and I went and taught her the Word of Wisdom. She has a few doubts but we were able to help her see that it is a blessing not a rule. She is reading her BOM almost daily (and we would be calling her to check up...but our phone broke)! 

Rosa- Rosa wasn't able to make it to church yesterday and we aren't quite sure what happened so her baptismal date will have to be changed. We were able to have a few lessons with her as well. Her situation is a little hard and she is always in and out of the hospital but she shared her testimony with us of the Restoration this past week which was really powerful. 

During my intercambio with Hermana Pebbles this week the Carrion family came and dropped their washing machine off before moving to Chillan. When Hermano Carrion set it up he pulled out a filter and water started pouring out all over the floor. And it smelled like a rotten egg. Poor Hermana Pebbles had to help me clean the floor for a good while and our small apartment smelled so bad. We were breathing through our shirts all night. 

Church yesterday was pretty great. Besides Aurora going an investigator of ours Hector went for the 2nd time. His cousin is a recent convert. We also were asked to help in the primary yesterday. When we went they were playing a picture guessing game. At one point the teacher showed a picture of Noahs ark and she asked who it was, a cute little boy raised his hand and shouted, Moronis ark!!! Then she showed a picture of the first vision and asked who it was, another boy raised his hand and said, When Nephi had a vision and saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! The girl sitting next to him turned her head and said, no....its when Heavenly Father and Jesus went to help the boy who fell down and was sad. We all got a good laugh. 

Also...P-day next week will be on Wednesday since we have interviews and a special meeting with President Ferreira on Monday and Tuesday. Love you all. You are in my prayers!!!

Hermana Freedman

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