Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 4th - Week 44 "April Fool's"

Hey Everyone! 

I had a great first week here in Copiapo and am loving my new sector. Copiapo is beautiful! There is so much green (as green as the desert can get) and it's good being in a bigger city again. Hermana Caballero is great too and we get along super well. The house here is a little poor and there isn't a shower head. There is just a little tube that we use. Every time I shower I feel like I'm using a power washer, and the bathroom looks like it's been hit by a power washer too! And....I didn't know that we can't close the bathroom door, and I locked myself in this week. That was super fun...Also there are moths attacking the ceiling and they leave holes and all these little pieces of something fall down everywhere. It's constantly raining confetti. I think they might be celebrating my arrival to the house.

On Thursday Hna. C and I traveled to Antofagasta for leadership council. It was great to learn from president and I'm excited to help out all the other hnas. here in Copiapo! 

On Friday Copiapo played a good April fools joke. We left the pension and it was raining (really sprinkling, but after not seeing water fall for 10 months, it was like rain to me). Hasn't rained since but the sky has been really gray lately so who knows what will happen. 

The people here in Copiapo are so great. We have a few progressing investigators. One of them is Daniela. She is from Santiago but moved to the north to find a new life after living through a rough period. She has a baptismal date for the 16th and we taught a few lessons this week on the commandments. She is so fun to be with and every time we go she puts a bowl of fruit in the middle of the table and we teach while we all eat fruit. Tonight she invited us over to learn to meditate haha. 

We also have an abuelita Norma that we are teaching, Her husband is sick so she is always at home taking care of him. I have only met her twice but I love her so much, and can see how hard it is for her to have her husband suffering. I want so badly for her to accept the gospel and the peace it brings. 

The definite highlight of the week was CONFERENCE!!!! There were so many good messages and I received so much revelation. I loved Sister Oscarsons talk about belief and knowlege, and also President Utchdorfs talk. As a missionary obedience is so important (really for all of us it is important) and I loved how he talked about the link between obedience and faith. Faith is something I have been trying to develop more of recently and his talk really got me thinking about the importance of obedience if we want to have more faith, and that if we have faith we will be more obedient. I hope you all received your own revelation. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

sister Freedman
All the Sisters in the Copiapo Zone.  Catie and her companion on the bottom. A former companion Hna San Martin on top in blue.

They have never met before but these are cousins in law through Amanda Seeley MacDonald's husband James.

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