Friday, April 15, 2016

April 11 - Week 45 "Cumpleanos Feliz"

Alo Familia and Happy Birthday to Dad and Andrew!!!!!!!!! Have the happiest of birthdays! This week flew by...

This week Daniela had her baptismal interview! We left and had breakfast with her before heading the the chapel. Fresh bread with homemade jam....oh man. so yummy. We have been doing lots with Daniela and she is all ready for her baptism this Saturday! 

One fun thing Hna. Caballero and I have started doing is studying as a companionship in the park. Since we usually study at 1 but at 2 have to walk to the mamitas for lunch we were wasting so much time walking to the house and the house to the mamita. We decided to start studying in the park and I love it! It feels so good to be outisde in the sun. But its starting to get really cold so I'm not sure how much longer it will last.

This week we had intercambios with Maray. I worked with Hna. Padilla from Lehi. We had the craziest day! We went to visit an investigator and when we got there her house was a disaster with toys everywhere and she was having a birthday party 2 hours later in her house. We helped her clean up, sweeped, and just as it was clean and we were enjoying fresh pineapple juice, her little boy tripped with juice in hand and the whole living room was covered in pineapple. We cleaned up again and shared a small spiritual thought and as we were leaving a new couch showed up so we ended up helping her move her furniture. Haha it was a "show" as they say here in Chile. 

I had my last interview with president Dalton this week which was so weird [she will get a new mission president in July]. I can't believe it is almost time for President Ferreira to get here. President Dalton is the greatest and always has the best advice. One thing that he has talked about lots lately is the importance of finding new youth to teach. He also recently challenged the mission to study only the restoration for 30 days, write a lesson plan, practice the restoration every day during companion study, and pray during the process for a deeper understanding of the doctrine. It has been the greatest experience of my mission. The whole mission is seeing miracles!!!! This week Hna. C and I have found 5 youth!!!!! And when we teach the restoration it is so powerful. 

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that we have the priesthood on the earth. I know that baptism is an essential ordanance for our salvation. I know that god loves and knows us. I know that The church of jesus christ of latter day saints is the true church. Love you all so much!

Hermana Freedman

The result of the terrible floods last year in Copiapo

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