Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18th, 2016 - Week 33 "Oh, There is Someone in the Darkness"

Hola Familia,

This week was pretty great! Here are some highlights of the week:

-On Tuesday we went to Calama for Zone Training. It was the best the weather has ever been there.

-On Tuesday night at 9 we went to the chapel to look for keys that an investigator left. Hermana Challco and I were outside unlocking the gates and a man walked up to us. I had talked to him before at his house and he recognized me. He started to ask if we were going to have English classes anytime soon. I started to explain that if other people were interested we could possibly do it. He went on to tell us that he learned English from watching "I Am Legend" and he related the whole story line. I actually was scared because he kept looking towards the chapel and pointing and yelling things in really broken English like "oh there is someone hiding in the darkness" or "Run, there coming". Hermana Challco and I tried to interviene about 10 times with little sucess. In the end we were too scared to enter the chapel so late at night even though I know the chapel is one of the safest places in Tocopilla. 

As far as investigators go we are finally seeing progress!

Manuel has decided to be baptized in the South. His mom called us and explain that she wants to be able to see his baptism, which I completely understand so his plans as of now are to leave in the next few weeks. I am so excited for him though and feel really fulfilled with the work we have done. He even told us we will always be his missionaries which made me really happy.

Estella is the grandaughter of our primary president and she is the cutest! she is 9 and is living here in Tocopilla for a few months to visit her dad. Hermana San Martin was teaching her before she left to visit her mom and now that shes back we are teaching her again. She is so smart and understands everything and asks the greatest questions. Reminds me of Jilly.

Yoselin is a reference we recieved from Fernanda (a member here). She is also really progressing and hopefully we can choose a baptismal date this week. She invites all her family to listen too. Tonight we have an FHE planned with her and Fernanda and tomorrow we have an appointment scheduled with her family. 

Alex and Leslie are a young married couple we are teaching. Leslie is awesome and is almost done with 1 Nephi. Alex is a little more hesitant and it's harder to teach him because he is always working but Leslie has been coming to church and we are really excited with their progress. The only bummer is that they are leaving all of February. 

Everything else here in Tocopilla is pretty normal. The only thing is I am convinced that the other day like 3 drops of rain fell. Don't know what is happening here in the desert of Chile, but I'm praying we WON'T have rain. Rain here in Tocopilla = disasters....

Hope you all have the greatest week!

Hermana Freedman

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