Monday, January 18, 2016

January 11, 2016 - Week 32 "Same Old, Same Old"

Hey Everyone! This week was super normal. Just the same old mission life. 

On Wednesday morning I biffed it running. That was awesome. Took a good piece out of my hand but I'm alright. I think Hermana Challco was hoping that after that we wouldnt run anymore, but she's not quite that lucky. I love running in Tocopilla because my view is the beach!

Hermana Challco is the greatest. A rockstar. We are having fun together and I think she is feeling more comfortable which is good. Sometimes, more like all the time, I feel like she has 7 months in the mission and I have one month. She explains things so clearly and has such a strong testimony. 

Manuel is progressing lots but his grandma wouldn't let him come to church yesterday so his baptismal date fell through. He has plans to leave for the south of Chile to live with his mom for a while to get away from his tempations here in Tocopilla, on the 20th. But when he found out he couldn't be baptized he asked if he could postpone his trip to be baptized here before he heads south. He wants to leave tocopilla feeling like a new person. We continue to pray for him and have faith that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. 

We also had a new investigator Leslie at church yesterday. She and her husband are investigating but will be leaving for all of February so we are trying to get them progressing before their trip!

We continue to find new investigators and are hopeful that we will find those who are ready to accept the gospel!!! 

Sorry I don't have more to write. This morning I studied the talk that Elder Maynes gave in conference about having our lives centered on Christ. One thing I love about the mission is I get to watch people in the process of centering their lives in our Savior. It is incredible to see how happy people are when they do that! I know this is Jesus Christs church and when we live the gospel we are happy! 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Freedman

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