Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 27th - Week 57 "Goooooooooaaaaaalllllllllll"

Well...everyone in Chile is beyond happy today (besides Hermana Chamorro) since we are Copa America Champions again!!!!! Yesterday I would be lying if I said we slept since there was so much noise all night. We were able to watch the Chile v. Colombia game on Tuesday, or at least the first half but didn't watch the final yesterday since it was on Sunday. But I'm just happy Chile won!
Argentina beat USA in the Copa America. Catie had to wear an Argentina jersey to deliver on their bet

This week was great and I was able to see Hermana Challco again!!! On Monday night Hermana Challco, Hermana Palomino, and Hermana Pebbles slept in the pension. It was so fun to get the scoop on Tocopilla and know that everyone is doing well. Hermana Challco took good care of Tocopilla and I'm excited to have here nearby. 
Catie and Hernama Challco!

An investigator Fresia came to church yesterday with her faimly. Her son is a recent convert and we are trying to help Fresia also prepare to be baptized. 

We found lots of new famlies this week which was fantastic! We also went to visit one of our investigators Erika this week who is 7th day Adventist. She always tries to bible bash us and this was our last attempt. Whe we got there her grandson let us in and when we walked into the living room here daughter was there and 2 preachers from church. We listened as they talked about the bible and then were able to teach about he pre-existence and the fall. Erika's daughter was attacking us but we continued to bear testimony and pulled out a few scriptures from the bible and Book of Mormon to help her understand. The spirit was super strong and at one point her pastor got mad at her and told her to listen to what we were saying. It went silent and she quietly listened. In the end her pastor accepted a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. I think we touched his heart.  

Sorry for such a short email. Today is a holiday here and it's been hard to get a hold of internet! 

Love you all!!

Oh and change of mission president this week! I feel so blessed to have served with the Daltons but am so excited to meet the Ferreiras!!! (And family, pretty cool that you could meet them this week!!!)

Hermana Freedman

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