Friday, June 24, 2016

June 20th - Week 56 "Feliz Dia de Papa"

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! Thanks for your example! Te amo mucho!!! This week was the last week of the transfer...but i won't be having any changes. I will be staying here in Maray with Hermana Chamorro for at least 6 more weeks! But, tomorrow the house will definitely be divided. Argentina vs. USA. The loser buys ice cream. 

This week we were able to watch the Chile v. Panama game which was super fun. I have definitely come to love soccer. And on Saturday we didn't sleep thanks to the Chile v. Mexico game. Chileans know how to celebrate a goal. Haha. 

This week I also got stuck on a micro bus! Hermana Chamorro and I were coming back from centro and it was super full. I'm not sure how but we had kinda gotten separated and when the bus stopped I didn't make it off in time. I touched the doorbell but the bus driver wouldn't stop!!! Hermana Chamorro was running down the street after the bus. A block later it stopped to let me off. We had a good laugh. I almost made it to Paipote all by myself. 

This week we also saw progress and miracles. 

-Daniela (my convert from Pimientos) has really been struggling with the idea of the temple. Since after her baptism I have felt strongly to continually talk about the temple. This week the Lord softend her heart. We had a lesson on the plan of salvation and I was able to testify of the importance of the temple in our progress. Daniela for the first time understood the importance and has plans to go in July to do baptisms!!! I am so excited!!!

-Aurora is progressing! We left her a chapter to read after our last appointment and she had read 8 chapters more! She committed to come to church next Sunday and has agreed to be baptized the 16th of July if at church she feels it is really right. We have been incorporating the members as well which has really helped. I love how Aurora always has questions and is really looking for the answers! She told us she feels that God is leading her to a new life. 

-The biggest miracle of the week was yesterday night. We hadn't found any new investigators all week and Hermana Chamorro and I were pretty bummed. We had put future investigators in our plans all week with no luck. On Sunday night at 8 we had an appointment with a future investigator that fell through. We went to all the other future families in the area to try and find someone but nada. We were close to our apartment so we entered quickly and offered a prayer for help finding a new family. With 40 minutes left in the day we went to the bishops to ask for a reference. They passed 2 references. Neither family answered the door. We decided to knock the neighbors door but they didn't have time. So...we decided to just make the best of it and at least have a lesson with a member present. We went to a recent converts apartment to visit him and his mom who is an investigator. They didn't have time either but we asked for more references. They started talking about all neighbors!!! It was 8:40 and only one apartment had the light on so we knocked the door. A woman opened the door and her two dogs came running out. She started saying enter, enter and we thought she was talking to her dogs! Finally she said, do you want to come in and share or not! With 20 minutes left in the day we were able to find a family. Claudio, Cristina, and their 2 daughters. Claudio is Catholic but has attended lots of church, including ours for a month or so. He prays every night. Crisitna says she believes in everything but has gone to our church for a few activities (for the food...). We shared the Restoration in 10 minutes, like President encouraged us to practice and they invited us back this Friday! We were so excited and it was a testimony builder that God blesses us for our diligence. 

I know this church is true and there is nothing better than being a missionary!

Besos y Abrazos!

Hermana Freedman


Hernama Beatriz

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  1. So proud of you Sister Freedman. The fact that you have come to love soccer is an added bonus! Keep up the great work. What you are doing has eternal consequences.