Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November 30th - Week 26 "Sick But Happy - 6 Months In The Books"


This week was incredible! Definitely one of my favorites so far because I saw miracle after miracle. On Monday, Hna. San Martin and I made our homemade paper Christmas tree and all we talk about is Christmas. We are both so excited!!! 

This week was good but on Tuesday I had a super sore throat, Wednesday I walked around with a headache and the chills all day, and Wednesday night ended up going to bed with a bad fever...Thursday we stayed in during the morning and I rested a bit. But we left to work in the afternoon. I am feeling a lot better now, just a cough and a runny nose. That was the only bummer this week. 

On Friday we had a ward costume party and were able to bring two YW who are investigating, Rosio and Anahi. It was really fun but all I wanted to do was dance!!!! 

We found 9 new investigators this week which was incredible!!!!!! 6 on Saturday alone! Honestly a miracle. Saturday was the greatest. Hna. San Martin and I spent the whole day laughing because the funniest things just kept happening. At the end of the day we were walking around pretending to interview each other for the radio, telling all the dumb things that had happened during the day, but it was fun and we laughed and laughed some more. 

As far as investigators go:

-Elena will be baptized this Saturday!!!! She is 9 and her family are members but between active and less active so we are working a lot with them to get everyone reactivated. Elena reminds me of one of the girls in Matilda and is the sweetest. Her attention span isn't so sweet but I'm excited for her. 

-Mario is one of our new investigators we found this week and his religious beliefs are so different. He is a high school teacher and one of those really deep thinkers. In our first lesson we watched "Because He Lives" and we asked him after what he learned or what caught his attention.
He started talking about the physical charachteristics of Christ and how the church did a good job depticting Christ for the time period, and all this information about the middle east. I didn't catch much of it because he uses really big fancy Spanish words...but at least he believes in Christ. We will start from there. 

-Ana is another investigator we have. She is from Bolivia and currently lives here with her boyfriend. She knows everything is true but the only problem is her boss is also a member of her church and he provides her housing, food, everything and she is too scared to ask him if she can go to another church, but I think she just needs a little help and a little time...and to get married. 

-Romina and Belen are a family we found on Saturday and we had a very spiritual lesson on the restoration. They committed to read the book of mormon and pray so we just need to follow up! We will see where it goes. 

We have some other investigators but as of right now they aren't really progressing. 

On Sunday President Dalton came to the branch because obviously Tocopilla is the celestial kingdom of the mission and he wanted to show his parents around. Also we got a new branch president. I love the branch here and I am branch pianist which I really enjoy. 

I found this reading in the Liahona the other day and wanted to share it with you all:

President Kimball said, "In the midst of the miracle of serving, there is the promise of Jesus, that by losing ourselves, we find ourselves."

That is something I have really learned here in the missin. Everyday I learn more and more about myself and my potential. The mission is such a blessing and in just 6 months has helped me become a more Christlike person. When we serve we end up being the ones who are changed!!!

Have the greatest week and enjoy the holiday season!!!

Hermana Freedman

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