Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8th - Week 27 "Baptism by Fire and Baptism by Fire"

This week I have great news!!! Elena was baptized!!!!! It was a very special day and Elena was adorable as usual. But...I doubt that anything will ever run smoothly for Hermana Freedman. On Saturday we went to find the baptismal clothes in the morning, because it was the only time anyone could meet us with the keys. We spent 30 minutes looking and said lots of prayers because there was only men's clothing! Finally we found a jumper. Phew. Then when we went to fill up the font the water heater wasn't working. We started filling the font anyway and when it was about half full realized the batteries to the water heater were dead, so President went and bought new batteries. We put the water to all the way hot since the font was basically filled with cold water, thinking that it would be nice and warm when Elena got there. 

Plot twist...when Elena went to get in the water she said it was too hot, Hermana San Martin and I were really focusing in on the baptism by fire part of baptism. Elena wanted the water cold...so we waited for 20 minutes while Hermano Marcelo dumped cold water into the font. We got all situated and then Elena got scared so we waited 20 more minutes and talked it out with her. But after that, everything went well and really all that mattered was Elena and how she felt! Her brother baptized and confirmed her and it was really great. 

Later, Hermana San Martin celebrated with sushi (I can't believe I am eating sushi, I don't know what happened to my taste buds when I came to the mission). It was really yummy and even better, Pedro, a less active who owns the sushi shop gave us a deal. Saving souls and discount sushi. Don't know if it gets much better than that. 
This week we also found a great investigator Sheila. She owns an almacen (mini-mart) down the street from our apartment and we have taught her twice now. She lives with her boyfriend and 2 sons, and we just need to find the boyfriend and teach him now. When we shared the Restoration, she started talking about how she thought it would be a good idea if we had prophets today! We were able to testify about President Monson and it was a very special moment. 

We also have an investigator, Ivanka who is so great. She works a lot which is a little difficult, but she's married (that never happens here), and when we taught the Plan of Salvation she already knew everything!!!! All her beliefs lined up with ours. 

Also we had a branch activity in the plaza on Saturday, called Meet the Mormons. All the organizations had a stand and the missionaries did too. We had a game with bible questions and if people answered right we handed out balloons. We were able to make some good contacts and it was fun to work together with the branch!

Yesterday we had zone conference in Calama. Calama is actually more pleasant than I was expecting but the weather is awful. It is freezing in the morning and night, and burning hot during the day. Also, there is dust everywhere, and tons of wind. But, being that the conference was inside I enjoyed my time there. I am so excited for Christmas in the mission and for the holiday season! I was also able to have an intercambio (exchange of companions) with Hermana Caballero, from Paraguay for a few hours last night and it was fun to work in a different sector. 

I'm pretty positive all of you have seen the new Christmas video but I want to invite all of you to share it! Find missionary opportunities!!!! https://www.mormon.org/christmas?cid=HP_SU_11-29-2015_dMIS_fSPC_xLIDyL1-A_

Cant believe 6 months have already gone by! The time is flying, and I wish it would fly a little slower. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week. And birthday shout out to Thomas!!!! Have the best day!

Hermana Freedman

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