Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5th - Week 18 Christmas Came Early!!!


Wow...General conference was incredible. Better than Christmas (I'm just assuming because I don't actually have a Christmas in the mission yet). [comment from Bill: I can tell she is really thinking in Spanish because this phrase is a direct translation from how it would be said in Spanish.] Here are some highlights of the week:

-On Monday Hna. E and I spent our p-day with an investigator, Claudia. she took us to Azapa Valley where there is a mummy museum and also a hummingbird sanctuary and farm. It was so much fun. The mummies were super cool. They are from the Chinchorro people and are dated 6,000-4,000 years before Christ. The sanctuary was really fun too. It is crazy because in the middle of the desert there is just this place with tons of giant green plants and animals. I don't know how and I never will understand how but it was super cool. I felt like I was in Honey I Shrunk the Kids. We really enjoyed our time with Claudia and we are really gaining her confidence which is great. 

It was a miracle. I opened the Liahona to make a thank you card for Claudia and there was a picture of a hummingbird on the page I opened too!!!

-We also had an FHE with Claudia and a family in the ward and we shared the Restoration. It was such a powerful lesson and during the movie the faces of Claudia and her husband were priceless. It was a great first step to helping them accept and live the gospel. 

-On Thursday morning we were out working and decided to go visit a future investigator. She has a dog and she keeps it on a super long chain outside her house. We knocked the door and her dog was outside and it always bugs us at our feet so Hna. E and I were running back and forth to get away from the dog. Finally I gave up and just decided to let the dog bug me. Bad choice because it wasn't too long till I had a dog using me for a fire hydrant all over my feet and legs! We both started lauging so hard and the woman answered the door. I did not know what to do, but she invited me in to wash off my feet in the shower. We got in that's all that matters.

The work was a little slow this week so I really don't have anything else to say. I can't believe I am finished with my training and am actually a normal missionary now. I will be staying here in Arica and Hna. E left for Antofagasta this morning. My new companion will be Hna. Requejo. She is from Peru, is 27, and apparently super short, I guess I will really find out later this afternoon when I meet her. This will be her last transfer in the mission so we will only have 6 weeks together. 
Goodbye for two sisters!

Hermana Espinoza made this cute poster for Catie when she hit the 4 month mark
But the highlight of the week was definitely conference. The testimonies of the apostles and prophets were so strong and I can't believe we have 3 new apostles! I received the strongest spiritual impression that they have been called of God. I'm sure you all have your favorite talks but I particularly loved President Nelsons. I loved how he talked about our generation and that the distinction of his generation brings both privileges and responsibilities. I feel so blessed to be on the earth at this time, because right now is exciting! There is so much that we can do to serve and help our savior in building his kingdom and I get to be a part of it!

Hope you all have the best week!


Hermana Freedman

We are so grateful to the wonderful Hermana Espinoza for being like a true sister to Catie. We feel blessed that Catie was able to learn from her, how to be a successful missionary!  Hermana Espinoza, you will always be part of our family.
The Freedmans

Estamos tan agradecidos a la maravillosa Hermana Espinoza por haber sido una Hermana real para Catie.  Sentimos bendecidos que Catie pudo aprender por medio de ella y aprender como ser una misionera exitosa!  Hermana Espinoza, siempre seras una parte de nuestra familia.
Con Amor,
The Freedmans

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