Monday, October 17, 2016

October 10th - "The Good Samaritan: Live Action" Week 72

Hola familia! It was a good week here other than the fact that Arica has decided to skip spring and go straight into summer. IT IS SO HOT! But other than that Hermana Gemin and I are doing well. 

Yesterday we were working with a member and we were walking down the street. There were 2 little boys on a bike near the 2 groups of people and they fell over. One of them was on the ground screaming and crying and was scrapped up pretty bad. We ran to help them and ended up taking them back home. As we walked away I realized I had lived the parable of The Good Samaritan. Haha we all got a good laugh out of that, but it was also a good learning experience for me. Charity is the most important things. Its not a bad thing to be out in the street trying to help people come unto Christ but it isn't enough to just preach or sing it. We have to live it! If we want people to come unto Christ we have to act like Christ. 

Anyways this week was really great and we have started cleaning out our stock of investigators again. We found lots of new investigators a few of which have baptismal dates and also ended up leaving a few investigators. One of them being Rosalia. We visited her to explain that we would write in her teaching record that missionaries should pass by in a few months, stuff like that. She was so sad but Hermana Gemin and I feel like it was right and hopefully what she needs to really understand our purpose as missionaries. 

The AvendaƱos are honestly so close to being baptized but there are just a few barriers keeping them back. Mauricio (dad) is scared to stop being Catholic and Paula doesn't like going to church. Those are our 2 big obstacles for now but we are trying to work more with the ward to help them feel the spirit and also have desires to come to church. 

Pablo and Annet are doing so well. And we are in the process of teaching them all the lessons again. 

This weekPpresident came to Arica and we had a mini conference and interviews. It was great too see him and he always has the greatest advice.


Hermana Feedman 

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