Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16th - Week 24 Tocopilla!!!

Hey everyone! 
I don't have much time to write because I spent my whole P-day (9 hours on a bus) to get here to my new sector! Every time I travel in bus I remember that really I am in the middle of the looks like the moon (not that I have been to the moon to compare...but just trust me) and sometimes I feel like Nephi traveling through the desert to the promised land...Tocopilla!!!! I already love it. My companion is Hermana San Martin. She is from Santiago and has 3 months in the mission. One transfer less than me.

Here are some highlights from last week:
- Claudia and Patricio are starting to progress!!! We had 2 lessons with them this past week and the spirit was very strong. They expressed their desires to continue learning and shared their testimonies of what we have shared. They invited us to an Once (dinner) and Claudia had made homemade pizza, and all these desserts. They also went to a baptism this week and loved it. They said they felt the spirit and realized that it is a sacred covenant. Hopefully the elders that are arriving to our sector can help them progress!

-Also Priscilla is really progressing!!!! I don't remember what I have told you about her but she was a contact that I made with Hna. Espinoza. We never could find her when we passed for her house and all our appts. always fell through but I felt so very impressed to keep visiting her. We had 2 lessons this week, both very spiritual and she expressed her desires to change her life, and expressed that she has received an answer that this is her path God is preparing. She came to church this Sunday and cried the whole time. I am so happy for her and am sad to leave here but all the ward members were so great to reach out to her. 

-I can't believe this last transfer with Hermana Requejo went so fast. I learned so much and we are such great friends. 

Sorry I don't have more time to write. I promise I will send pictures next week....

Love you all!

Hermana Freedman

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